K2 Apache Crossfire skis – Test Winner

Buy K2 Apache Crossfire skis

The Crossfire is an amazing piste ski, full of life and energy, with outstanding edge grip and acceleration. Its ability doesn’t stop with groomed conditions either, it’s versatile enough to take on bumps, trees and whatever fresh snow is lying about. It’s also been improved from last season, it’s now a useful 2mm’s wider all over and features sidewalls. The 16m radius remains, meaning it’ll turn quickly when you push it on piste, yet still track smoothly in difficult snow. The extra base area of the new shape gives increased floatation and better stability through soft stuff, but doesn’t hinder the exciting performance on hard-pack. Sidewalls increase precision, working perfectly with the power of the Metal Laminate construction. The M1 binding system allows a complete and full flex, Titan Technology helps reduce weight, and the Mod systems dampen vibrations for a smoother ride. Good skiers definitely won’t be disappointed in this special ski!
K2 Apache Crossfire


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  1. May long weekend 2008 last day at Sunshine, and I just bought the K2 Apache Crossfire’s, WOW, just been counting the days untill I can get back into them.
    I average 60 days a year, been mosty a Rossi fan, had a great pair of Tyrolia comp SLX bump skis. But these babys are SOOO SWEEET. 08/09 is gonna be a fun year!

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